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The territory of Rostov region is more than 100 000 square kilometers. For example at the same time on its territory could be placed Belgium, Macedonia and Switzerland. And you can find a lot of advantages for your vocation here. The Quite river Don, the Don Cossacks, generous hospitality, fish resources and open spaces of reserved steppes are the main, but not the only sights of the region. You can find here mountains and plains, the seas and the rivers, towers and vaults, the forgotten worlds with unknown birds and wild horses. A large number of the rivers – Don inflows – make our region especially picturesque. The Sea of Azov, the well-known Sholokhovsky and Chekhovian places, excavation Tanais – the Ancient Greek city, and of course, Rostov-on-Don – the cultural center with a set of the museums, parks and monuments – here everyone will find something for themselves: active and passive recreation, cultural objects and magnificence of the nature.

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«Local Don cuisine and wine traditions»

Razdorskaya - Kochetovskaya - Semikarakorsk - Konstantinovsk

«Pearls of Don Land»

Novocherkassk - Rostov-on-Don - Azov - Taganrog

The city on the right bank of Don

Sightseeing tour around Rostov-on-Don

Treasures of old city

Excursion in Starocherkassk

The city born at Peter the Great's will

Sightseeing tour around Taganrog with museums

The ancient city

Excursion in the historical and archaeological memorial estate "Tanais"


Sightseeing tour around Azov with museums

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On June 3, 1958 there was an order of Council of ministers about creation of Bureau of the international youth travel “Sputnik” ("Satellite"). This day became a birthday of the company. The purpose of the company there was a creation of communications, tourist exchange, cooperation with foreign partners. And 60 years later we carry on traditions: all these years we organized a holiday for Russians and hospitably met foreign tourists. Фото с ЧМ

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