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The territory of Rostov region is more than 100 000 square kilometers. In fact it's as large as Belgium, Macedonia and Switzerland together. A wonderful opportunity for you to explore a new place. We offer you a glorious chance to soak up our history – the Don Cossacks, explore the nature – the mighty Don river, reserved steppes, fishery resources. Whether you'd like to enjoy mountains or plains, seas or rivers, towers or dungeons, wild horses or amazing birds, this region is perfect for you. A large number of rivers – the Don river and its tributaries – makes our region especially picturesque. The Sea of Azov, the well-known places, where the great Russian writers M. Sholohov and A. Chekhov lived, the excavations of the Ancient Greek city Tanais, and of course, Rostov-on-Don – the cultural center with a set of  museums, parks and monuments – here everyone can find something special: active and relaxing vacation, cultural sites and magnificence of the nature.


The origins of Quietly Flows the Don

Rostov-on-Don - Veshenskaya - Rostov-on-Don

Three capitals of the Don Cossacks

Rostov-on-Don - Starocherkasskaya - Novocherkassk - Razdorskaya - Puhlyakovskaya

«Don cuisine and wine traditions»

Razdorskaya - Kochetovskaya - Semikarakorsk - Konstantinovsk

«Pearls of Don Land»

Novocherkassk - Rostov-on-Don - Azov - Taganrog


The ancient town

Excursion in the historical and archaeological memorial estate "Tanais"


Sightseeing tour around Azov with museums

The city created by Peter the Great's will

Sightseeing tour around Taganrog with museums

The old city treasures

Excursion in Starocherkassk

The city on the right bank of the Don river

The sightseeing tour around Rostov-on-Don

The tour of the "Bath house wines" wine estate

Gastronomic excursion

The tour of the Rostov sparkling wines factory

Gastronomic excursion

The tour of the Don wine estate "Elbuzd"

Gastronomic excursion

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On June 3, 1958 the Council of ministers issued an order establishing the Bureau of the international youth tourism “Sputnik” ("Satellite"). This day became the birthday of the company. The purpose of the company was to provide communications, tourist exchange, cooperation with foreign partners. And 60 years later we stick to our traditions: for all these years we organized holidays for Russians and met foreign tourists with hospitality.

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